Edgar Sekloka - Hip Hop Coloré
Edgar Sekloka -  Colourful Hip Hop

Edgar Sekloka

Colourful Hip Hop

Edgar Sekloka, previously member of the band “Milk, Coffee and Sugar” with Gael Faye and winner of the Prix des Musiques d’Ici 2018, offers in his new show “Musique Noire” a successful combination between rap and song, influenced by worldbeat and blues music.

Together with the singer and drummer Koto Brawa and the guitar player Jean-Baptiste Meyer-Bisch, they are spreading his uncompromising words, reporting modern times disorders through social daily chronicles with contagious kindness. Edgar draws his inspiration from his Puteaux, Cameroun and Benin cultural heritage, incremented overtime by his new encounters.

Spearheading several projects at the same time, he is already over there, whereas he was here a minute ago! But don’t be mistaken, Edgar knows very well where he goes and where he wants to lead you!

Website edgarsekloka.com

Territory Monde


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