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Wendbé Timothée SOUBEIGA, aka TOKSA, is a young Burkinabè rapper. Active since 2016, the year he met his first success on social networks with a series of freestyles, Toksa had already begun to refine his style since his high school years. He became known to the general public in West Africa in 2017 during a collaboration with AMZY and SMARTY (some of the most renowned rappers from the region). This first track earned him immediate recognition from music professionals who were convinced by TOKSA’s originality and know-how, starting with the production company DESTINY PROD who spotted his energy from the beginning of the recording of the track.

Armed with passion, stamina and determination, TOKSA then went on to release a series of singles that seduced the public. In February 2020, he released his first album “Volontaire”.

His pseudonym comes from a popular nickname: toksa (literally “tell him” in moore language) refers to a person who speaks little but who says out loud what he thinks. A name that particularly defines the character of the artist but also his musical style. Toksa practices a rap that wants to be free; a rap that is not cloistered in rules or predefined principles, but that the artist considers on the contrary permeable, flexible and stripped of all constraints.

This objective and artistic rigor draws his musical identity and reflects his personality: a well-honed slang, irony, a skillful humor, spoken-rapped-sung symphonies, depth or lightness, in short: a Toksa.

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